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Digital Logic Analyzers:

DigiView series Logic Analyzers with Hardware Compression and Protocol Decoding

PIC Tools

Several Models to choose from:

From 100 Msps to 400 Msps, 9 Channels to 36 Channels; all DigiView Logic Analyzers include:
  • Intelligent hardware compression for long capture times.
  • Flexible hardware trigger options.
  • Decoder plug-ins and PDK with source code examples.
  • Data sequence searching with automation.
  • Searchable capture history stored on disk.
  • A full compliment of micro-clips and all neccessary cables.

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Our DigiView™ Logic Analyzer is a highly productive tool designed for Logic Capture, Analysis and Decoding.

Development Tools for the PICmicro® MCU

Links to Older TechTools Products with support for the Microchip PICmicro® MCU

PIC ToolsAlthough production has been discontinued on all of our products that support the Microchip PICmicro® MCU, we will continue to offer adapters and repair services for the QuickWriter programmer and Mathias Modules (while parts are available).

 QuickWriter Programming Adapters      more info...

 ClearView Mathias Modules     more info...

 ClearView Assembler (CVASM)  more info...

 Tool to PIC Lookup     more info...

 PIC to Tool Lookup   more info...

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Development Tools for EPROM & FLASH Emulation

EPROM and FLASH In-Circuit Emulators

PIC Tools

Development Tools Designed to operate in-circuit, replacing an external memory device during firmware development.

EconoROM™ is designed for quick, in-circuit firmware test cycles. Our latest version; ER3 will save even more development time by downloading code 5 times faster than the EconoROM II series. If you just want to stop the "burn/insert/test/remove/erase" cycle, then this is the tool for you.
 EconoROM™ III EPROM Emulator      more info...

FlexROM™ FLASH and EPROM emulator loads at 2.5 Mbit per second, and includes advanced hardware features such as: Host and Target read/write access, Address SnapShot circuit, Address Trigger circuit, user control lines, user status lines, staus line latching on trigger, auto/manual Target reset, auto cycle-interleaving, adjustable Target Timing Parameters, removable ACM target interface and more.
 FlexROM™ III EPROM/FLASH Emulator     more info...

EPROM Emulators not only eliminate the need to burn ROMs, but also add advanced abilities that speed-up Firmware Development.