TechTools Support Policy

TechTools Technical Support Policy:

General Policy:

TechTools will provide unlimited Technical Support for current products and limited support for discontinued products. Support will be provided on a first-come first-serve basis regarding proper usage and application of our products. Additionally, our support staff may also provide limited support for issues indirectly related to the use of our products, but TechTools is under no obligation to do so. TechTools will not provide support for non-standard application or usage of our products for purposes deemed by TechTools to be beyond those advertised for the particular product. Non-standard usage or abuse of any product will also void all warranty obligations.

Support Contracts:

All support assistance is free of charge and does not require any contractual obligations. Our Technical Support Department is available for direct voice support during normal business hours. All support queries received via email will be handled during normal business hours as soon as staff are free to respond. We do not guarantee immediate response to email inquires, but will try to reply during the same day of business as the query is received.