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DOS and Windows Batchable Loader 1.01

ROM Tool DOS Software Download DOS Loader and Self-test utility

RTLOAD16.EXE is a full-featured batchable loader for file conversion and transfer. Using the batchable loader, multiple files can be downloaded to a single unit, or individual files can be split among multiple units.

The following command options apply to the DOS batchable loader (RTLOAD16.EXE) and the Console loader (RTLOAD32.EXE). Both versions are included in the QuickLoader software installation.

RTLoad32 FILE_NAME /Rxxxx [/Pxxx] [/Vx] [/Bxxxxxx] [/Dx] [/ [/Ex] [/A] [/H] [/Oxxxxxx] [/Lxx]

Each FLAG (except /R) is optional. Flags may be entered in any order and MUST be seperated by spaces.

General Options

/R ROM size in decimal Kbytes (REQUIRED) NONE
/P Printer port address (in HEX) 378
/V Verify (0/1/2) -> OFF/ON/ONLY VERIFY ON(1)
/B Begin loading at byte offset xxxxxx (in HEX) 0
/D Delay for slow ports (0,1,2,3,4) (4=Max delay) 2

Emulator Options

/F First emulator involved in transfer 1
/E Number of Emulators involved in transfer 1
/A Arb.(0/1/2/3)->(reset/FE gnt/rdy/RE gnt) reset (0)
/C verify packet Checksums Ignore checksum

16 bit Emulator Options

/S Swap bytes in 16 bit units NO SWAP
/8 treat 16-bit emulators as 8-bit Treat as 16bit

Timing Parameters (FR3 only)

/TC fast CS access enabled disabled
/TO fast OE access enabled disabled
/TB Byte Enable latching DISABLED enabled
/TA ALE (0/1/2/3) => (cs/wt/rd|wt/not rd) wt (1)
/TD delay latching (0/1-4)=(none/min..max) min (1)
/TF control filter (0/-4)=(none/min..max) min (1)

HEX File Specific Options

/H Source file is in HEX Source is BINARY
/I IMAGE size in decimal Kbytes (/R * /E - /B)
/O Offset in HEX (usually 0 or the ROM address.) 0
/L FiLL value in HEX FF
Each FLAG (except /R) is optional.