QuickWriter™ Updates

NOTE: These items have been discontinued for a long time.
We no longer support these products or offer alternatives.

We retain these pages so that users can see what their existing tools support and to provide download links to the final documentation and software versions. We have a few replacement parts left, but not many. Available items have an 'ADD to CART' or 'Buy Now' button next to them. Otherwise they are not available.

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QuickWriter Updates:

Updates include only the necessary items to provide additional MCU support, or firmware modifications.
Release versions include the latest version of software, firmware and MCU support.

Current Software

QuickWriter 2.8.1 (Final Release)
link Updated 01/30/2012
Includes Software version 2.8.1, Firmware version 11.0 and the latest MCU support.


Other Documents

Dual Mode VPP Upgrade Instructions:
Dual VPP PDF Perform this upgrade to enable older hardware to automatically switch to the "reduced" VPP required by newer PICmicro MCUs.
Dual VPP Modification

New Hardware Feature in Version 2.6:
TVDDEN PDF To enable full automation of in-circuit programming, without violating programming specs, we added a new control signal to QuickWriter called TVDDEN. TVDDEN can be used to control your target's power supply (through an appropriate driver circuit).
ICSP Automation using QuickWriter

Version 1.0 Hardware Upgrade Instructions:
Hardware Errata QuickWriter Hardware Version 1.0 requires a small Bypass Capacitor (.1uf) to be added in order to properly program older PICmicro MCU microcontrollers (i.e. PIC16C52/54/55/57/58 and etc.). This PDF provides step by step instructions with photos.
Upgrade Instructions for HW version 1.0


Update Information

Firmware Updates: To perform a firmware update, download the updates into the same directory where the QuickWriter software is installed (typically - C:\Pictools), then launch the QuickWriter software. The update will be performed on the next access to the programmer, or choose 'Help-Synchronize Firmware'. You will be asked if you want to perform the update now. If you choose 'yes' the update will be performed automatically. After the update is complete you can continue working as usual.

Firmware updates include the latest supporting tables.
Device Updates: To perform a device table update, download and install the updates into the same directory where the QuickWriter software is installed (typically - C:\Pictools), then launch the QuickWriter software. No other steps are necessary.

NOTE: You must use tables that match your version of Firmware or QuickWriter will be unable to program any devices. If ALL programming tasks in the Task Tree are blocked (indicated by a gray block with a slash), then your tables do not match your version of firmware and the correct firmware file could not be found. In this case, download the most recent firmware update which will include proper tables.