QuickWriter™ MCU Programmer

NOTE: These items have been discontinued for a long time.
We no longer support these products or offer alternatives.

We retain these pages so that users can see what their existing tools support and to provide download links to the final documentation and software versions. We have no stock, but DigiKey has a few items..



QuickWriter MCU programmer

by TechTools

Notice: Our QuickWriter programmer (part #QW1) has been discontinued after enjoying over a decade of popularity. Although we can no longer offer the QuickWriter programmer, we will continue to offer programming adapters and repair services while parts are available.

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Feature Summary:

Gang Programmer Features

  • Programs 4 devices as quickly as a single device when using a Gang adapter *.
  • Select from 1 to 4 devices on Gang adapters.
  • Reports individual failures when programming multiple devices.

ICSP Programmer Features

  • Supports In-Circuit Programming with the included cable.
  • Voltage measuring with power up and power down interlocking provides voltage error detection and reliable programming.

Serialization Features

  • Auto increment or manually enter serial numbers in Code or Data locations.
  • Supports Microchip SQTP Files with logging and Shared Network Access.

Production & Control File Features

  • Password access to Option Settings.
  • Restrict "READS" from devices.
  • Prevent Editing of loaded data.
  • Set Power Source - Programmer or Target Circuit.
  • Power Control Signal for automatic operation.
  • Accepts Command-line Parameters.
  • Returns Error Exit Codes.
  • Counters for Pass and Fail totals.
  • Counter for time lapse total.
  • Auto synchronizes hardware's firmware to match software.
  • Checksum calculated for enabled data options.

Developer Features

  • Supports industry standard INHX8M, INHX32 HEX file formats.
  • Supports Parallax ".obj" HEX files.
  • Includes CVASM (ClearView Assembler) with 8051 style instructions.
  • Includes TDE (TechTools Design Environment) for integrated development.
  • Included assembler supports PASM, SPASM, CVASM source code.
  • Included IDE supports Third-Party Compilers & Assemblers.

Other Features

  • Supports existing Parallax and PICwriter programming adapters.
  • Enable/Disable each programmable area of the MCU.
  • Select individual programming tasks or "Auto Run".
  • Serial communication port connectivity.
  • File editing/saving/loading.
  • EEPROM / Calibration editing.
  • FLASH firmware updates.

*Device adapters sold separately.
¹commonly known as a PIC Programmer

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