QuickLoader Software

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QuickLoader Version 4.04

QuickLoader Software Download QuickLoader and utilities.

The "Project Oriented" design of QuickLoader makes multiple-file and single file operation productive and time saving. Individual file settings such as HEX conversion, Address Offsets and FILL values are all saved in the Project file.

QuickLoader also features HEX/ASCII Editing and " 1 click " operation. After configurations are complete, the user can perform conversion, downloading and verifying from either the main window or the icon in the "Tray" area of the "Task Bar". Both muti-file and single file operations can be performed using the "1 Click" feature.

The QuickLoader Software installation also includes an informative help file, a batchable loader, a self-test utility and other command-line utilities for reading voltages, status lines, Address Snap-Shot and etc.


  • Windows '9X / NT / 2K / XP / VISTA Operating System.
  • INTEL '486 processor (Pentium or higher recommended).
  • 3 Meg of RAM + Operating System Requirements.
  • 4 Meg of Hard Drive space.
  • 1 LPT Port for Emulator Access