DigiView™ Logic Analyzer Triggers

Advanced Hardware Trigger Made Simple

Graphical Trigger Configuration
Use our Graphical Trigger Editor to specify a simple pattern, edge or range value or a complete complex trigger sequence with just a few clicks of the mouse.

A trigger configuration can be as simple as looking for a boolean transition or as complex as involving multiple match conditions logically gated and routed to any or all 16 stages of the sequencer.

Nine Trigger Match Types are Available

DigiView has 9 Match types to choose from and eight matches can be defined in any given trigger configuration. The same match type can even be used multiple times in the same definition.
  • Pattern Match
  • Edge Match
  • Stable Match
  • Equal Match
  • Not Equal Match
  • Greater Than Match
  • Greater Than or Equal Match
  • Less Than Match
  • Less Than or Equal Match

On-line User's Guide: Trigger Information...  more info...

DigiView Trigger Configuration Highlights:

  • Graphical Trigger Configuration - DigiView's trigger configuration screen centers the user's focus on function; making it much easier to quickly analyze and modify a very complex trigger condition. The Trigger Configuration Screen introduces a dual-mode (GUI and text), schematic-like approach to configuring the matches, sequencers and trigger output from a single window. A text window shows the 'formula' for the configuration while the graphical 'schematic' shows the flow.

  • Create Multiple Configurations - Multiple trigger configurations can be created and stored in each project to be easily selected as your trigger requirements change. Any configuration can be instantly copied and modified to store as a new trigger in the project.

  • Unrestricted Match Types - The DigiView trigger configuration supports multiple types of Match conditions from a simple pattern type to more advanced matching such as a period of stability or a range match of a specific duration. No restrictions are placed on which combination of matches to use or using the same match type more than once. Up to eight match conditions can be defined in a single configuration and multiple signals can be specified in Pattern, Edge or Stable match types.

    Graphical Trigger Configuration
    The Edges Match Editor is displayed above. The edge trigger circuit is a 36 (or 72) input OR of rising edge and falling edge detectors.  You can specify a trigger on rising edge, falling edge or transition of a single channel or any combination across multiple channels.  All '-' entries for a channel means "don't care".

  • Flexible 16 Stage Sequencer - The sequencer includes 4 cascadable, 4 stage sequencers. These can be chained in any combination to produce longer sequences ( 1@ 16 stages, 2 @ 8 stages...). Stage inputs are OR gates so that more than 1 AND'ed term of match conditions can be connected to each stage. Each stage also includes a 20 bit pass counter.