DigiView™ Software Specifications

Additional DigiView™ Software Specs:

Zoom 2.5ns/div to 30 Weeks/div (IN, OUT and marquee)
Language English
Mouse Wheel Support yes, Zoom Waveforms in/out, Scroll vertically in all other views.
Multiple Monitor Support yes, restores all windows to monitor and position last used.
Split Waveform Views yes
Waveform Views Zoom Independently yes
Time Sync (Link) Waveform Views yes - selectable
Waveform print yes
Add comments to Waveform print yes
Waveform Save as Image yes - JPEG format
Add comments to Waveform image yes
Waveform save/restore yes
Project save/restore yes (with waveforms)
Auto save/restore yes
History of Captures yes, configurable by size and count up to available disk space
Browse Capture History yes, left/right, repeat
Search Capture History yes, forward/backward, stop on match
Search Function yes
Forward and Reverse Searching yes
Multi-Signal Pattern Search yes
Search Pattern "Don't Care" support yes, bit and nibble exclusions
Search Match Duration yes
Search Animate yes (Auto Repeat)
Selectable Search Marker yes - M1,M2,M3,M4,M5,M6
Define Multiple Searches yes
Data Sequence Searches yes, for specialized, decoded signals(i.e. SPI, RS-232, I2C, State Mode, etc.)
Search by Field Sequence yes
Search by Frame Sequence yes
Search by Custom Plug-in Fields yes
Auto Search on Capture yes
Halt Analyzer on Search Results yes
Control Capture Save by Search Results yes
Protocol Decoding yes
Built-In Protocol Parsers yes, (SPI, I2C, RS-232/485, State, Asynchronous, Synchronous) included
Custom Protocol Parsers yes, Free PDK available for custom protocols, custom decoding or custom display
Control Analyzer halt from Plug-in yes
Control Capture save from Plug-in yes
Change Signal order drag-n-drop, independent to each view
Signal Buses yes
Show Bus as Analog yes, Special Analog Signal type
Expand/Collapse Bus Channels yes, using icon by each waveform label or popup menu in Data Table views.
Swap order of Expanded Channels yes, popup menu selectable
Custom Signal labels yes
Show inverted signals yes
Select Signal Color yes
Signal "Next Edge" scrolling yes - previous, next
Signal "Next Edge" Animate yes (Auto Repeat)
On-line Help yes
Markers Trigger, M1,M2,M3,M4,M5,M6
Marker SNAP Left, Right, NEAREST edge, Searches
Marker Snap Animate yes (Auto Repeat) - M1,M2,M3,M4,M5,M6, Searches
Marker TACK yes - M1,M2,M3,M4,M5,M6
Marker Drag & Drop yes
Marker Drag & Snap yes
Auto Scroll when Dragging Markers yes
Time Measurements Marker positions, Marker difference
Data Table Views yes
Multi-Signal Tables yes
Table Zoom yes
Table "Transistion Compression" yes
Table Data Format Binary, HEX, Decimal - per signal
Table Time Sync (Linking) yes - Selectable by Link Group or no link
Table Time by Delta yes - Absolute, Delta selectable
Table Time Units Auto, ns, us, ms, Sec.
List Views yes, for specialized, decoded signals(i.e. I2C, SPI etc.)
Export Data yes, ASCII CSV format - configurable
Export Compression yes, Selectable
Export Range yes, Custom or preset Time selectable
Export From List View yes
Subwindows can "Tab" together yes, drag & drop
Tabbed windows can merge yes, drag & drop
Selectable Tab position yes - Top, Left, Right, Bottom of Tabbed Window
Subwindows can "Dock" to main window yes - Top, Left, Right, Bottom of WaveForm Views
Tabbed windows can "Dock" to main window yes - Top, Left, Right, Bottom of WaveForm Views