DigiView™ Logic Analyzer Decoders

Protocol Parsing, Serial Decoding (Built-in or Plug-in)

Built-in Decoders
Custom parsers (plug-ins) have the additional power of controlling when to stop Auto Capture or when to save a capture to the Capture History.

Built-in parsers include Asynchronous (i.e. RS-232, RS-485), Synchronous, SPI, State and I2C.

Whether using one of our built-in protocol parsers or one created from our PDK, parsed signals fully integrate to benefit from all features of our analysis software.

Data captured by Parsed signals can be searched with our powerful sequential searches, which utilize the specific field names of the protocol.

On-line User's Guide: Signal Types...  more info...

Highlights of DigiView's Protocol Parsing:

  • I2C protocol parser - Options include a Glitch filter (adjustable from 0 to 50ns), an option to split the 7 bit address from the read/write bit (or display as a full 8 bit address), options to decode specialized address ranges as normal 7 bit devices, invert SCL or SDA and show ACKs.

  • SPI protocol parser - Options include selectable Field Length (up to 32 bits), Frame Length (in number of fields), Field Idle Timeout, Frame Idle Timeout, Framing on SS, MOSI clock edge, MISO clock edge, SS active level, invert MOSI, invert MISO and disable SS.

  • Asynchronous parser (RS-232, RS-485) - Options include Selectable or Custom Baud Rates, number of data bits, parity or 9 bit address options, Frame length (in characters), Frame Idle timeout, LSB/MSB option and re-frame options on break or 9bit address.

  • Synchronous Parser- Options include selectable Field Lengths (up to 32 bits each), Frame Length (in number of fields), Field Idle Timeout, Frame Idle Timeout, Framing on Frame Sync channel, Framing on Field Sync Channel, Selectable Sync edge, Selectable 'Select' edge and Selectable Clock edge.

  • State Parser - Options include an Enable channel and edge, a Frame SYNC channel and edge, selectable number of states per frame and a Frame Idle Timeout.

  • CAN Bus - Options include Preset and custom Baud rates, Sample Point and SJW settings, glitch filtering, abitlity to show/hide Control bits,CRC and Delimiters, and the ability to plot up to 4 different data fields.

  • I2S - Options include configurable word length, word-select and data channels inversion, signed/unsigned data format, and the ability to plot each channel

  • 1-Wire - Options include support for standard and overdrive modes, independent timing settings for each mode, glitch filtering, and the ability to decode ROM search sequences as master select bytes or 3-bit fields.

  • TDM - Options include bit-order, data justification, SYNC starting edge, SYNC alignment (first/last bit), Channel Width, data width, clock edge(s), and the ability to plot up to 4 channels.

  • Plug-In Parsers (Custom using our PDK) - DigiView's Plug-in Developer's Kit can create 3 types of plug-ins; Mini, Full and Hybrid. Mini and Hybrid plug-ins are based on one of our built-in parsers and will inherit its options. Additional custom options can be added in Hybrid plug-ins and options for Full plug-ins are all custom, based on our pre-defined option type formats. Regardless of the type of Plug-in, its options will appear in the Signal Editor just like the built-in parsers. All Plug-ins are integrated into the DigiView software to take full advantage of all available features.