How To Use an ADP2x8-V with an ACM-16

Submitted by: TechTools

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The ADP-2x8-V can be used to allow a FR3 with ACM-16 to emulate
DUAL 8 bit devices. However, there are a few limits that need
to be observed.

1. The ADP-2x8-V is wired for EPROMs. Configure the ACM-16 for EPROM.

2. You CAN however support FLASH devices up to 2Mbit each. If you need
to WRITE back to the emulator from the target side,
connect an external wire from your target WRITE line to JP4-1
on the ACM (WT). You still set the ACM-16 for EPROM pinout.

3. This combination can only support 16bit WRITEs. Your target will
not be able to write to ONE socket only.

4. NOTE that the ADP-2x8-V parallels all of the DIP-32 signals except
the data lines. This includes all of the address lines and all
of the control lines (OE & CS). The ADP-2x8-V can NOT support
separate Chip selects or Output enables.

5. You may need to specify SWAP in the Quickloader or command line loader
to reverse the ODD/EVEN spilt between the two 8 bit devices.

6. Be sure to specify a device size equal to the DOUBLE the size of the
emulated device. For example, if you are emulating 2 - 1Mbit devices,
tell the loader the device size is 2Mbit.