FlexROM III Memory Emulator

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Development Tools for EPROM & FLASH Emulation

FlexROM III is a Flexible, in-circuit memory Emulator with instrumentation.

FlexROM III  FlexROM emulators provide engineers with a flexible development tool for any Embedded project that uses an external FLASH, EPROM or SRAM device. FlexROM provides quick, in-circuit firmware test cycles during development.

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Increase productivity by downloading firmware code or data into the emulator at 2.5 Mbits per second. Set an Address Trigger, measure the Target's voltage level and see the Target's address fetches with FR3's Hardware Instrumentation. Adapt easily to new target technologies with FR3's Active Cables.

Increased productivity, always available hardware Instrumentation and adaptability make FlexROM a very powerful tool.

Features Summary

  • Active Cable Modules (ACM™) contain Target interface and Control Logic.
  • Provides adaptability to new Target Technologies.
  • Hardware Instrumentation
      - Target Voltage Measurement.
      - Address Snap-Shot Circuit.
      - Address Match & Trigger Circuit.
  • Reverse Voltage Protection.
  • Adjustable Timing Parameters
  • Integrated Low-Voltage Support.
  • External Power Option.
  • Jumper-less Address Configuration.
  • Up to 256Mbit/32MByte Emulation in a single unit.
  • Includes QuickLoader Software.
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