TDE - How can I emulate a newer device that is supported by TDE but not CVASM16?

Submitted by: TechTools

You have 2 options:

1) In the TDE environment, select "Setup--Project". When the dialog opens, select the "Files" tab if it is not already open. Now, highlight the word "Project" above the source file you have added. You should have CVASM16 selected as your "TOOL". Below the project tool, you need to add "/S" in the "OPTIONS" line.

After you make the above change, compile your code for a closely matching device (i.e. a PIC16C63 if trying to emulate a PIC16C63A), and TDE will no-longer complain.

TDE verifies the compiled HEX file before emulating. By adding the /S command on the options line, you are telling CVASM16 to NOT store the device type and Config Word in the HEX file. This prevents TDE from complaining. You will then be able to emulate normally.

2) Use CVASM16 V.6 (when released) which already supports the "Die-Shrink" versions of the PICmicro (such as the PIC16C62B/63A/65B/72A/73B/74B) by using 'include files' for the device type. CVASM16 Version 6 also supports simple conditional compiles.