DigiView - What do I do if DigiView's Driver fails to install correctly on an XP system?

Submitted by: TechTools

XP procedure on driver installation failure:

If the system ever misidentifies the hardware and associates it with the wrong driver, it is very hard to correct the operating system. The ONLY way to correct the situation is to manually instruct Windows to update the driver using the "Have Disk" option. Any other method of updating the driver will not correct the problem.

Although XP does not require signed drivers and a web connection is not required when using our DigiView software, the Microsoft driver installation utility may fail with a "Driver not signed" error if the PC does not have an internet connection. If this occurs, use the following procedure.

Although this procedure references Model DV3100, it applies to any DigiView Logic Analyzer.

Perform these steps AFTER a Driver installation error and after connecting DigiView to the computer:

  1. From the Hardware Manager, find the "DigiView DV3100" listed with a"?" beside it (if XP thinks it has the proper driver, the "?" will not be present.

  2. Right-Click on the listing and select "Update Driver".

  3. When the "Hardware Update Wizard" appears, select "No, not this time".

  4. In the next window, select "Install from a list or specific location(Advanced)".

  5. In the next window, select "Don't Search, I will choose a driver to install".

  6. In the next window, you are presented with a list of hardware types. Scroll through the list and select "TechTools" near the bottom.

  7. In the next window, select the "Have Disk" button beneath the listed compatible drivers. The list may indicate "(unable to find any drivers for this device)", but ignore the list and choose the "have disk" button.

  8. When the "install from Disk" window appears, select the "Browse" button and choose the Driver sub-directory where DigiView is installed, selecting the "DVdrivers.inf" file, then choose "open".

  9. After the step above, you should be back to the "Install from disk" window and the path you selected should be visible in the edit box. Now Select OK.

  10. The Window will change back to the Hardware update Wizard and you should see the TechTools DigiView DV3100 listed as compatible hardware. Make certain it is highlighted and then select "next".

  11. Windows should now install and use this driver for the DV3100.