Can I enable power saving features on my Win2K or newer system after installing QuickLoader?

Submitted by: TechTools

Symptom: All power saving options disappear from the log out menu after installing QuickLoader.

Cause: The Windows 2000 operating system does not allow an application to directly access shared hardware (such as Parallel Ports). Access is only available through the use of special low-level drivers that are loaded into memory when the operating system boots. If Win2K can not determine a driver's power saving compatibility, then all power saving features are disabled while the driver is loaded.

Work-around: QuickLoader uses a third party, low-level system driver (DriverX.sys) to access the Win2K managed hardware. This driver can be "stopped" from a console prompt, a batch file or from the "Start - Run" dialog. All power saving options are automatically restored as soon as the driver has been stopped.

To start or stop driverx, enter the following from a console prompt, a batch file or from the "Start - Run" dialog.

To STOP Driverx, enter: NET STOP DRIVERX


NOTE: The Driverx.sys file must be running in order for QuickLoader to access the parallel port. If you receive the "Device Driver not Found" error message, then you need to START driverx or re-install QuickLoader with administrative privileges.