Does/Will ClearView Mathias support the 18 series?

Submitted by: TechTools

No. The new architecture is much too different to properly support with Mathias.

The big differences are:
Parameter 16C5X 16CXX 18series
----------------- ----- ----- --------
data width (bits) 12 14 16
Address width (bits) 11 13 21
Speed (MHz) 20 24 48
Maximum CODE (KWords) 2 8 1,024

The only way Mathias could support these devices is if we essentially plugged a new ICE into Mathias and called it a module. Although it is not entirely impossible, the results would be more expensive than a new ICE and more limited.
The greatly increased size of the CODE space and FILE REGISTER space increases the desire for higher bandwidth between the PC and the ICE as well.

Mathias will continue to support the 5X and XX (12 and 14bit) devices but will not support the 18 series (16bit devices).