Does TDE support source level debugging of C programs?

Submitted by: TechTools


One of our competitors has been stating that we do not support source level debugging with C programs. This is false. We have ALWAYS supported true source level debugging.

TDE displays chars, integers, longs, floats and strings. We also show arrays of any of these types. We show locals, globals and statics. You will also find that we properly show the SIZE of each variable. You can watch and edit any of these variables by their SYMBOLIC NAMES and in their source formats. For example, you edit a 24bit FLOAT as a FLOAT (you can change it to 3.1415 for example). TDE takes care of converting this to the format the selected compiler uses for storage. Of course, we also single step, set breakpoints and run at the SOURCE level as well as the machine level.

In fact, our TDE has the BEST support of any PICmicro MCU debugger in assembly AND C. The various compiler companies produce their own symbol files. Then they convert these files to a format compatible with the Microchip debugging tools. Most ICE manufacturers use this converted file to derive their symbols. We accept the Microchip format but we also wrote individual parsers for each compiler to parse their NATIVE SYMBOL files. These generally contain more information than the converted files and provide better cross-referencing of source lines to object code. don't have to take our word for it. Download the full TDE and make your own determination. TDE includes a special 'Virtual Mathias' mode that simulates our ICE hardware, allowing you to fully evaluate our IDE, its integration with your choice of compiler/assembler and its interoperation with our ICE. 'Virtual Mathias' mode allows you to edit, compile, cross-reference errors, step run set breakpoints, view symbols and edit variables AT THE SOURCE LEVEL....just like a real debugging session. NOTE that this is not a SIMULATOR to replace an ICE for product development, but rather, a highly interactive evaluation of our software and hardware. You can also operate in 'OFF-LINE' mode which allows everything except ICE related functions (running, stepping, breakpoints...).

You can get the latest TDE from: HERE