How can I make CVASM16 generate a HEX file instead of an OBJ?

Submitted by: TechTools

Actually, the '.obj' file is already in Intel HEX format. We embed a couple of extra lines to tell our down-stream tools (ICE, programmer) which device this file is targeted to.

You can create a Microchip compatible HEX file (without the extra information) by using a /M directive on the command line. This will remove the extra information and give the file a HEX extension. This option was added with the release of CVASM16 V 6.0. The 5.8 version and the 6.0 ALPHA did not have this switch.

NOTE that if you use the /M switch, you will have to manually set your device type in the programmer. Also, if you are using TDE 4.x or below, you will need to manually set the DEVICE TYPE (Setup->Project->Device).