QuickWriter Version 2.8.1 (01/30/2012)

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Platforms: WIN '9X /NT /2K /XP /Vista
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NOTICE: QuickWriter Software updates are now included in the PICTools installation. The latest TDE, CVASM and QuickWriter Device Support is now conveniently located in a single installation.

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Previous Revision History:

QuickWriter Version 2.7
includes Firmware v.10.8
includes 2.1 Help Files
Release Date: 08/01/2007
Device Update: 08/01/2007
Firmware Update: 08/01/2007

New Devices in 2.7:
- 12F609
- 16F610
- 16F882

Updated Devices in 2.7:
- 10F220
- 10F222
- 12F510
- 12F615
- 16F506
- 16F59
- 16F616
- 16F883
- 16F884
- 16F886
- 16F887
- 18F2221
- 18F2321
- 18F2410
- 18F2420
- 18F2450
- 18F2510
- 18F2515
- 18F2525
- 18F2610
- 18F4321
- 18F4410
- 18F4420
- 18F4421
- 18F4520
- 18F4525
- 18F4620
- 18F6680
- 18F8680

Improved Features in 2.7:

- Optimized entry and exit from Programming Mode for each supported device. This reduced the number of power up/down cycles for most all MCUs. The 18F series MCUs are now tested and programmed with only one power cycle.

- Added a Power Cycle option to "skip" power up/down cycles when possible. This option may benefit when programming in-circuit with high capcitance circuits or manually controlled target power.

- Added Horizontal scrolling and sizing to the information area of the main screen.

- Added "Time Lapse" readout to track programming cycle time.

Problems Resolved in 2.7:

- Corrected: HEX files with extended address records that did not initialize to address "0" would not be parsed properly.

- Corrected: When option editing was disabled, the Options window could still be accessed given a specific sequence of file opening situations.

New Devices in 2.6.7:
- 16F883
- 16F884
- 16F886
- 16F887
- 18F2221
- 18F2321
- 18F2450
- 18F4221
- 18F4321
- 18F4450

Updated Devices in 2.6.7:
- 12F615
- 16F616
- 18F2331
- 18F2431
- 18F4525
- 18F6310
- 18F6390
- 18F6410
- 18F6490
- 18F8310
- 18F8390
- 18F8410
- 18F8490
- All MCU support updated to automatically use "Normal" or "Reduced" High voltage (VPP) during programming on newer hardware.

Improved Features in 2.6.7:

- Added support for QuickWriter Hardware Version 3-E and user-modified versions 3-0 to 3-6.

- Added a Dual VPP test utility for user-modified Hardware. This utility will verify the functionality of Dual VPP voltages and update the hardware's reported version.

- All Hardware versions can be user-modified to support Dual-VPP operation.

Problems Resolved in 2.6.7:

- Corrected: With some 18 series MCUs, only 3 devices at a time would program in Gang adapters. When a 4th device was present, all 4 chips failed programming.

Updated or new Devices in 2.6.6:

- 12F508 Restored
- 12F615 Updated
- 12F635 Updated
- 12F639 Removed
- 12F683 Updated
- 16F616 Updated
- 16F636 Updated
- 16F639 Added
- 16F684 Updated
- 16F685 Updated
- 16F687 Updated
- 16F688 Updated
- 16F689 Updated
- 16F785 Updated
- 16F913 Updated
- 16F914 Updated
- 16F916 Updated
- 16F917 Updated
- 16F946 Updated
- 18F2420 Updated
- 18F2480 Updated
- 18F2520 Updated
- 18F2580 Updated
- 18F2620 Updated
- 18F4420 Updated
- 18F4480 Updated
- 18F4520 Updated
- 18F4580 Updated

Improved Features in 2.6.6:

- Modified Control File usage to allow HEX files to reside in directories other than the control file directory. This also allows the HEX file name to be different than the name of the control file. Change the "HEXFILE=" entry in the control file to manually specify a HEX file. Then "open" the QWC file from the QuickWriter software and the specified HEX file will be used.

- If a control file is "opened" to load a HEX file, the control file will be added to the "Re-Open" file menu instead of the HEX file. This prevents the accidental use of the wrong control file if multiple control files exist for the same HEX file.

- Added additional checks for file permission failures.

- Added additional checks for valid versions of supporting files.

Known Issues in 2.6.6:


Updated or new Devices in 2.6.5:

- 10F200 Updated
- 10F202 Updated
- 10F204 Updated
- 10F206 Updated
- 10F220 NEW BETA
- 10F222 NEW BETA

- 12F508 Updated
- 12F509 Updated
- 12F510 NEW BETA
- 12F615 NEW BETA
- 12F635 Updated
- 12F639 Updated

- 16F54 Updated
- 16F57 Updated
- 16F59 NEW BETA
- 16F505 Updated
- 16F506 NEW BETA
- 16F616 NEW BETA
- 16F639 NEW BETA
- 16F636 Updated
- 16F685 NEW BETA
- 16F687 NEW BETA
- 16F689 NEW BETA
- 16F690 NEW BETA
- 16F785 NEW BETA
- 16F84A Updated
- 16F946 NEW BETA

- 18F1220 Updated
- 18F1320 Updated
- 18F2220 Updated
- 18F2320 Updated
- 18F4220 Updated
- 18F4320 Updated
- 18F2455 Updated
- 18F2550 Updated
- 18F4455 Updated
- 18F4550 Updated

- 18F6525 Updated
- 18F6621 Updated
- 18F8525 Updated
- 18F8621 Updated

Improved Features in 2.6.5:

- Enhanced voltage monitoring.

- Enhanced target voltage fault responsivness.

- Improved device failure responsivness.

- Improved performance when re-programming MCUs with Internal OSC and MCLR settings.

- Improved performance with all MCUs when using the MP-ZIF18/28, MP-SOIC18 and MP-SSOP18(20) adapters.

- Pre-Test voltage values are now displayed in the History window for reference.

- Exit Codes are always generated when the application closes. In previous versions the "/X" parameter was required to generate exit codes.

Problems Resolved in 2.6.5:

- Corrected TVDDEN (Target Power Control Signal).

- Corrected Exit Codes to reflect error details instead of "unknown".


User Interface: GUI
Supported Models: QuickWriter MCU Programmer