QuickLoader 4.0.4 and Utilities (10/03/2007)

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Platforms: DOS and WIN 9X / NT / 2000 /XP (32 bit) /Vista (32 bit)
Download Link: link quickloader-4.0.4.exe

QuickLoader is a productive Windows interface to the EconoROM III, FlexROM II and FlexROM III emulators. New Features include a Project-oriented work flow with multiple file support. QuickLoader 4.0 provides an easy to navigate HEX/ASCII Editor window and Hardware Monitor for voltage display. This Version continues to provide "one-click" functionality for single and multiple file operation.

QuickLoader provides full file manipulation, "on the Fly" editing, Hardware Monitoring, Hardware control and "1-Click" conversion/downloads.

Installation also includes a command line loader, Self-test utility, Manual and informative Help file.

Version 4.0.4 10/03/2007 ------------------------------
- Changed Help File to HTML format.
- Installation updated for Vista compatibility.

Version 4.0.3 04/29/05 ------------------------------
- Added Address filtering (4 ranges) to the SnapShot list.
- Increased the SnapShot buffer size to 4K.
- Updated 16 bit and 32 bit utilities to version 1.01
- Added user selectable colors to the SnapShot Range Filters.
- Now opens Read Only files without complaining.
- Now Saves and Restores ROM Address and Trigger Address settings.

Version 4.0.2 05/04/01 ------------------------------
- Custom Port settings were reverting back to the default of 268. This release fixes this error.

Version 4.0.1 05/02/01 ------------------------------
- All selected (checked) files in the project will be downloaded/verified even if a single file is highlighted in the Project Tree. The Previous version allowed an un-checked file to be downloaded and did not recalculate the current size of the file. This caused a false error message to be displayed and the transfer was aborted. If the file size increased between transfers, the additional bytes were ignored. This release fixes those errors.

Version 4.0 04/04/01 ------------------------------
- Added complete support for the advanced features of FlexROM II emulators and Full support for FlexROM III emulators, including Timing Parameters.

Version 3.0.2 r3 02/13/01 -------------------------
- Modified HEX conversion routines in "ttql3lib.dll". Offsets were being ignored in INTEL HEX files when the Converted size was 64K or less.

Version 3.0.2 r2 01/19/01 -------------------------
- Modified installtion for Win NT/2000 to include a missing Registry entry.
- Modified the console executables to include the missing file - CW3220.DLL.

Version 3.0.2 12/13/00 -------------------------
- Modified QuickLoader HEX Conversion routines to ignore blank lines or multiple CR/LF.

Version 3.0.1 12/12/00 -------------------------
- Added a menu option that brings the "Hardware" tab into view for setting the Emulator Configuration Size.
- Added a visual indicator in the Project Tree for files set to HEX Conversion.
- Added error checking when requested bytes exceed the source file size.
- Added a configuration dialog in the editing window.
- Fixed - some file options were not restored when the project was re-opened.

User Interface: GUI & Command-Line

Supported Models:
  • ER3-256
  • ER3-512
  • ER3-1m
  • ER3-4m
  • ER3-8m
  • FR2-1m-xx *
  • FR2-2m-xx *
  • FR2-4m-xx *
  • FR2-8m-xx *
  • FR2-220-xx *
  • FR2-240-xx *
  • FR2-280-xx *
  • FR3-1M
  • FR3-4M
  • FR3-8M
  • FR3-16M
  • FR3-32M
  • FR3-64M
  • FR3-128M
  • FR3-256M
* FlexROM II silicon version 1.0 not supported.