PICwriter V.1.2 Release

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Platforms: WIN '9x / NT / 2000 / XP
Download Link: link pw_12.exe

New Device Support v1.2:

*New Firmware is required in order to use these new devices. If you already have Firmware version 5.0 - 5.2, you can burn a new Firmware Chip (version 5.3) using this software.

New Device Support v1.1:

PIC16C642 - Parity Device
PIC16C661 - Parity Device
PIC16C662 - Parity Device
PIC16C715 - Parity device
PIC16F84A - 20 MHz version
PIC16F627 - FLASH Device
PIC16F628 - FLASH Device
PIC16F870 - FLASH Device
PIC16F871 - FLASH Device
PIC16F872 - FLASH Device
PIC16C745 - USB Device
PIC16C765 - USB Device

Bug Fixes:

Corrected fuse table entries on 'F873,F874 devices to display
proper name/value combination.

Corrected the "Blank Check" menu selection. This selection will now
perform a blank check instead of ignoring the request.

Fixed false error message "ID locations not blank" when
Blank-checking a new device that uses parity.

Eliminated false "Programmer not Found" messages.


When loading a HEX file that does not include the device record,
Ver. 1.1 will not reset the device type to a PIC12C508. If the
Device record is not reconized, the currently selected device will
remain the same.

Changed port testing behavior to display progress to the user.

Modified firmware for backwards compatibility with older software.

User Interface: GUI

Supported Models:

* PICwriter Programmer (and PIC16Cxx Programmers w/conversion kit #PGM2PICWT)