EconoROM II QuickLoader 2.02

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Platforms: WIN 9X / NT / 2000
Download Link:  link er2ql202.exe

QuickLoader 2.02 is a powerfull Windows interface to the EconoROM II EPROM Emulator. New Features include an easy to navigate HEX/ASCII Editor window, Custom Transfer options, and port test feature. This Version will continue to provide "one-click" functionality, while adding time-saving tools to assist the development process. QuickLoader 2.0 provides full file manipulation and editing without the hardware being present. Win95/98/NT Software for ALL EconoROM II Models.

Installation also includes Users Manual in PDF format, command line loader, example source code and Windows Help files.

User Interface: GUI & Command-Line

Supported Models:

* ER2-256-xx
* ER2-512-xx
* ER2-1m-xx
* ER2-2m-xx
* ER2-4m-xx
* ER2-220-xx
* ER2-240-xx