Active Cable Modules

NOTE: These items have been discontinued for a long time.
We no longer support these products or offer alternatives.

We retain these pages so that users can see what their existing tools support and to provide download links to the final documentation and software versions. We have a few replacement parts left, but not many. Available items have an 'ADD to CART' or 'Buy Now' button next to them. Otherwise they are not available.

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What Are Active Cables?

Active Cables combine the target ELECTRICAL and PHYSICAL interfaces into a low cost, replaceable assembly.

By simply changing the Active Cable Module, you can reconfigure your FlexROM III to emulate different device configurations, packages or voltage levels. This approach allows you to support multiple target configurations with a single emulator, reducing your initial investment. In addition, your tool invest-ment is preserved.
Insert ACM

Update Target compatibility quickly and easily by swapping the Active Cable Module.

As memory technology changes, FlexROM III can adapt with new Active Cable Modules. Current Active Cable Modules support 8 bit, 16 bit, dual 8 bit or custom connections in 3 to 5Volt technologies.

ACM-8 Shown

Emulate multiple device technologies, without having to invest in multiple emulators.

Available Modules

View Data ACM-8

Provides the target with 8-bit access and control to all available emulation memory.
View Data ACM-16

Provides the target with 16-bit access and control to all available emulation memory.
View Data ACM-2x8

Divides the emulation memory to provide dual 8 bit interleaved* or stacked** device emulation.
View Data ACM-C

Provides the target with a custom interface to all Address lines, Data Lines, memory Control and Steering Logic. Interspersed grounds improve signal quality, reduce noise and permit longer cables.

 * High/Low or Odd/Even Byte Configuration.
 ** Upper and Lower Device Addressing.