This model has been Discontinued. The following information is for historical reference only.

DigiView™ DV3109 Logic Analyzer

100 Msps, 9 Channel Logic Analyzer with Protocol Decoding and Hardware Compression

DV3109 Hardware Specifications

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Sample Rate
Sample period
Channels 9
Channels per Cable Pod
(x Pods per unit )
9 (x 1)
Threshold Circuits 1
Adjustable Threshold  +0.5V to +2.8V
Threshold Accuracy +- 250mv
Trigger Output (BNC) No
Trigger position Selectable (0-100%)
Buffer Size Selectable (1-100%)
Raw Memory 9 Mbit
(512K x 18)
Real-time Compression Yes, Tri-mode (varies according to transition frequency, duration of changes and duration of constant change)

Sample Depth     ( SR: Sample Rate,    DR: Data Rate,    Q: Quadrillion or 10^15 )
    Theoretical Min
    (SR = DR)
512K x 9
    Practical Min
    (SR = 4 x DR)
1M x Channel width
    @ DR = 25Mbps (40ns) 1M x 9
    @ DR = 10Mbps (100ns) 2.5M x 9
    @ DR = 100Kbps (10us) 250M x 9
    @ DR = 10Kbps (100us) 2.5B x 9
    Theoretical Max
    (DR approaches 0)
3Q @ 10ns
(347 days)

Typical Captures @ Full Resolution    ( data type / count stored in hardware buffer )
    0.1Hz clocks 87,000
    1KHz clocks 87,000
    5KHz clocks 131,000
    25MHz clocks 131,000
    Async characters 47,000
    I²C characters 10,000
    Sync characters 12,000
    8051 Bus cycles 40,000

Trigger Circuitry
    Operating speed (MHz)  100
    Min Data Valid for
    Pattern Match (ns)
    Min Data Valid for
    Edge Detection (ns)

    Impedance >50KOhm // <10pF @ (0-3.3V)       >5KOhm // <10pF @ (<0, >3.3V)
    Power Source USB
    Power (Idle / Active) <.5 Watt  / < 2.5W
    Maximum voltage
    (Continuous, all channels)
+-20 Volts
    Ground current Protection
    (ground lead to +- voltage)
Yes, +-12 Volts
    Anti-static protection Yes
    Connection Type, Speed USB 2.0 @ 480 Mbps

    Size (LxWxH) 4.75" x 2.8" x .75"
    Materials Extruded Aluminum

Trigger Specifications:
    Trigger Sequencers   Configurable:
1@16 stages, OR 4@4 stages, OR 2@8 stages,
OR 1@8 and 2@4 stages,
OR 1@12 and 1@4 stages

    Trigger Match Circuits   8 Universal Match Circuits. Each Circuit can be configured for any of the following:
  • Edge Detect  (Full Channel Width - OR: rising, falling, either)
  • Patterns (Full Channel Width - AND: 0, 1, X)
  • Stable (Full Channel Width)
  • > , >=, <, <=, <>   (Full Channel Width)
    Match Duration Yes
- 1 per match circuit
- up to 1M samples each

    Trigger Pass Count Yes (up to 1 Million per Sequencer stage)

    Trigger Output Sources Seq 1, OR Seq 2, OR Seq 3, OR Seq4

OR (8 input sum-of-8 input products of all 8 match circuits)


Product Summary:

TechTools DigiView DV3109 Logic Analyzer DigiView DV3109 Contents
DV3109 Contents:
Analyzer, Channel Cables, USB Cable, Micro grabber Clips and Software CD
Professional USB Logic Analyzer and Protocol Analyzer, 100 Msps, 9 Channels. DV3109 offers more features and a better price than traditional stand-alone units.
Manufactured By:
TechTools, Rowlett, Texas, U.S.A.
Product #: DV3109
Category: Logic Analyzer
Price: see: DV509
Available from: TechTools
Availability: Discontinued
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Additional Details

DigiView DV3109 Logic Analyzer USB View
Front View - DV3109:
Micro USB Connector, Enumerated LED

DigiView DV3109 Rear Panel View
Rear View: - DV3109:
Channel Cable Connector

DigiView DV3109 Cables & Clips
Cables & Clips Included:
High Quality, flexible, connectorized cables and a full set of micro-clips are included with each Logic Analyzer

Software Included:
Our professional Capture and Analysis Software is included with each Logic Analyzer

This new addition to our DV3 series of Logic Analyzers provides a 100 Msps sample rate for each of 9 channels with the same features and capabilities of our DV3209 but at a reduce price.

This latest addition continues to feature the durability of our DV3 series by having an aluminum case, static protection and Ground current protection (ground lead to ± 12 volts). We also include high quality, connectorized channel cables (Strand count > 60) with a micrograbber clip for each channel and ground connection.

Our professional Capture & Analysis software, cables and micro clips are included at no additional cost.

Key Hardware Features:

  • Sampling Mode: 100 Msps
  • Physical Channels: 9
  • Adjustable Threshold ( +0.5V to +2.8V)
  • Voltage tolerance range (+- 20 volts)
  • Tri-Mode, Intelligent Compression
  • Auto-resetting Ground current Protection
  • Extra ESD protection
  • Channels are Reverse-Voltage protected
  • Channels are Over-Voltage protected
  • Raw memory: 9 Mbit
  • USB powered
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New Version... see: DV509