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Development Tools Designed to operate in-circuit, replacing an external memory device during firmware development.

EconoROM™ is designed for quick, in-circuit firmware test cycles. Our latest version; ER3 will save even more development time by downloading code 5 times faster than the EconoROM II series. If you just want to stop the "burn/insert/test/remove/erase" cycle, then this is the tool for you.
 EconoROM™ III EPROM Emulator      more info...

FlexROM™ FLASH and EPROM emulator loads at 2.5 Mbit per second, and includes advanced hardware features such as: Host and Target read/write access, Address SnapShot circuit, Address Trigger circuit, user control lines, user status lines, staus line latching on trigger, auto/manual Target reset, auto cycle-interleaving, adjustable Target Timing Parameters, removable ACM target interface and more.
 FlexROM™ III EPROM/FLASH Emulator     more info...

EPROM Emulators not only eliminate the need to burn ROMs, but also add advanced abilities that speed-up Firmware Development.