ClearView™ Mathias In-Circuit Emulator

ClearView Mathias™ PICmicro® MCU Modules

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The ClearView Mathias In-Circuit Emulator is no-longer in production. However, a variety of system modules are still available if you already own the ClearView Mathias (CVM1).

The modular style of the ClearView Mathias hardware offers complete emulation of the PICmicro® MCU including ALL peripherals. This Modular design provides easy expandability for additional emulation support.

Family and Member modules for the ClearView Mathias emulate the 12, 14 and 16 series PICmicro® MCU. Optional modules for Timing and Execution Trace (with Timing) are also available.

See our Module List for Module MCU support or  use the MCU Support List to find the correct module by selecting the MCU. 

Items originally Included with the Clearview Mathias Base

  • Clearview Mathias Base
  • TDE Windows Software
  • CVASM™ Assembler
  • DC Power Supply
  • DB25M to DB9F Adapter
  • 6' Serial Cable
  • 18 pin DIP Cable
  • 28 pin DIP Cable (.300)
  • 28 pin DIP Cable (.600)
  • 40 pin DIP Cable
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