DigiView™ Logic Analyzer Overview

DigiView 9, 18 & 36 Channels

   Our DigiView™ Logic Analyzer is a highly productive tool designed for Logic Capture, Analysis and Decoding.

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Full Features:

Each feature of our DigiView Logic Analyzer is deeply integrated and complete - not just marketing bullets. You will find a lot more
'under the hood' than just 'advanced searches', 'powerful triggers' or 'Easy Navigation' buzz phrases. Much of the depth is difficult
to see in marketing materials and only fully appreciated when you start using the logic analyzer in real-world debug scenarios.

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Easy Configuration
Define a Signal, Define a Trigger and Click on RUN. Its that simple to get going.

Easy configuration:

Define a Signal, Define a Trigger and Click on RUN. Its that simple to get going.

Defining signals is easy. Select the signal type (Bus, Bool, I2C, custom, etc), then choose the physical channels when the editor appears. The option editor shares a similar look and flow regardless of the signal type or custom plug-in.

When defining the trigger event you will discover how quickly a very complex trigger condition can be represented using our unique graphical trigger editor.

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Built-in Decoders
When you are dragging a marker and your mouse is over a waveform, the cursor changes to a 'snap-left' or 'snap-right' arrow.

 The direction of the arrow shows you which edge (previous or next) of this waveform the marker will 'snap' to if you were to drop it at that point. The arrow will point to the nearest edge or to the nearest edge in the direction of mouse movement, even if that edge is off-screen.

Easy Analysis:

With many traditional analyzers and most PC based analyzers, it is cumbersome to analyze the data even when only a few screens are captured. With DigiView, navigation and analyzing the data is much easier even when millions of screens are available in a single capture.

  • Use DigiView's powerful sequential searching, "Drag & Snap" markers, built-in Protocol parsers, Auto Searching, Link Groups and flexible user interface for highly productive data analysis.
  • See two waveform views of the same data. Get a 'Forest & Trees' view by 'LINKING' the views to share a common center time but allow separate zoom levels.
  • Compare different points in the capture by 'UNLINKING' the views, allowing independent zoom and center times.
  • Use the Measurement window for fast statistics on the active marker and signals, measurements between markers and signal transition counts.
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Analyzer Data Searching
DigiView provides a general search type for pattern matches, a Sequential Frame and Sequential Field search for parsed signals and a Search Manager to quickly perform multiple searches and change criteria.

Find what you are looking for:

Since DigiView Logic Analyzers can capture millions of screens of data in a single capture, powerful search capabilities are a necessity; not a luxury.
  • Search on SIGNAL NAMES, FIELD NAMES and FIELD VALUES (not channels).
  • Search for sequences of values with repeat counts, skip counts, ranges, match and don't match criteria.
  • Search through the current capture or the entire capture history on disk.
  • All features work the same with native signals, protocols and plug-ins.
  • Search on Plug-in defined fields as easily as the built-in signals.
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Long capture times:

Our logic analyers have deep memory & Real-time, hardware based compression which combine to allow maximum capture times, regardless of signal activity. Achieve high resolution and long capture times at the same time, eliminating resolution vs. time trade-offs.

Each capture can store over 46,000 ASYNC or 10,000 I2C characters at full sample-rate resolution, regardless of BAUD RATE or gaps between characters*
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Have a very rare, elusive problem that can't be caught with a typical trigger setup or a typical logic analyzer? Use DigiView's Automation to help catch it in the act.

If you are on a fishing expedition, you can use Auto-Run and Capture History to repeatedly capture and store data for later analysis.

If you know in advance exactly what you are looking for, you can set up an auto-search before starting the capture and configure it to HALT on match. DigiView will tirelessly capture, search and repeat until it finds it.
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Analyzer Hardware you can trust:

DigiView is designed with a level of engineering only found in professional logic analyzers.
  • No matter how careful you are with a logic analyzer, static zaps (ESD) are inevitable. For this reason, we engineered DigiView with extra ESD protection on EVERYTHING that connects to the outside world (all channels, power and USB lines).
  • Ever melt a lead by accidentally connecting it to a power rail? You won't with DigiView. Its ground leads are protected to +-12V with auto-resetting protection circuits.
  • You also will not harm DigiView by connecting the Analyzer's channels to the wrong voltage level. All of DigiView's channels are protected from overvoltage and reverse voltages (protection levels are model specific).
  • Ever have to be especially carefull to power everything in a specific sequence? With the DigiView Logic Analyzer you have an unrestricted power sequence. Whether its the PC, Device Under Test or the analyzer itself; any of these can be powered-up or powered-down without fear of accidentally causing damage.
  • DigiView's hardware performance is not dependant on the PC load, speed or memory. True "store and forward" architecture guarantees full bandwidth capturing at full sample rate under all conditions.
  • Probe leads are built with the best materials: ultra-flexible 66 strand wire for ease of use and durability; .098 square housings for side and end stacking on .1 centers while providing stress relief to the wires; fully connectorized for easy replacement or leaving leads attached to a target.
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