DigiView™ Logic Analyzer Hardware Specifications

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Channels 9 18 36
Sample Rate at Full Channels 500 Msps 250  Msps 250 Msps
Sample Rate at 1/2 Channels   Double Rate (500 Msps) Double Rate (500 Msps)
Sample Rate at 4 Channels Double Rate (1Gsps) Quad Rate (1Gsps) Double Rate (500 Msps)
Sample period (ns)   2ns @ 1-9 ch
  1ns @ 1-4 ch
   4ns @ 1-18 ch
2ns @ 1-9 ch
1ns @ 1-4 ch
   4ns @ 1-36 ch
   2ns @ 1-18 ch
PC Connection USB 3.0 (SS) or USB 2.0 (High Speed) USB 2.0 (High Speed)
Store & Forward Yes, 128 Mbit internal Storage Yes, 36 Mbit internal Storage
Streaming Yes, (up to 100 Million Transitions) No
Real-time Compression Yes, Multi-mode (varies due to multiple compression techniques implemented on the fly according to data characteristics)
Power Source USB External 5 VDC
(auto-reset protection)
Power (Idle / Active) <0.5 Watt  / < 2.5W   2 Watt  / < 3 Watt
Maximum voltage per Channel +-20 Volts +-50 Volts
Ground current Protection
(ground lead to +- voltage)
Yes, +-12 Volt ground variance protection with Auto Resetting fuse
Threshold Circuits 1 2
Adjustable Threshold  -4V to +4V (suitable for all major logic - AGP, CCT, CMOS,
-5V to +5V
Anti-static protection Yes..., ESD protection on everything that connects to the outside world
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Additional Specifications:

Channels per Cable Pod
(x Pods per unit )
9 (x 1) 9 (x 2) 9 (x 4)
Threshold Accuracy +- 250mv
Trigger Output (BNC) No Yes  
Trigger position Selectable (0-100%)  
Buffer Size Selectable (1-100%)  
Raw Memory 128 Mbit (16MByte) 36 Mbit

Since we have real-time hardware-based compression, we measure captures in 'number of Transitions' rather than ' number of samples.'
The number of samples captured varies with the data rate, but is always higher than the number of transitions
(#samples ~= #transitions * samplerate / datarate).

Typical Transitions captured (USB 3.0)
18ch@250Msps:   100M (@data rates up to 100MTps)  
9ch@500Msps: 100M (@data rates up to 160MTps) 100M (@data rates up to 160MTps)  
4ch@1Gsps: 100M (@data rates beyond full bandwidth) 100M (@data rates beyond full bandwidth)  

Typical Transitions captured (USB 2.0)
36ch@250Msps:   500K (@data rates > 1.0 Tps)
18ch@500Msps:   500K (@data rates > 1.0 Tps)
18ch@250Msps:   100M (@data rates up to 10MTps) 500K (@data rates > 1.0 Tps)
9ch@500Msps: 100M (@data rates up to 14MTps) 100M (@data rates up to 14MTps)  
4ch@1Gsps: 100M (@data rates up to 24MTps) 100M (@data rates up to 24MTps)  

Guaranteed minimum transitions captured (with data rates > 10Tps):

(Ensured by the large store-and-forward buffer, even if the data rate far exceeds the USB bandwidth)
36ch@250Msps:   500K
18ch@500Msps:   500K
18ch@250Msps:   6 Million 500K
9ch@500Msps: 8 Million  
4ch@1Gsps: 10 Million  

Typical Serial captures, USB2 or USB3 at full sample rate
    Asynchronous 18 Million Characters 94,000
    Synchronous 5 Million Characters   24,000
    I²C 4 Million Characters   20,000
    SPI 4 Million Characters   24,000

Trigger Circuitry  
    Operating speed (MHz)    250
    Min Data Valid for
    Pattern Match (ns)
    Min Data Valid for
    Edge Detection (ns)

    Impedance 50KOhms // < 4pF
    Connection Type, Speed USB 3.0 @ 5 Gbps (SuperSpeed)  / USB 2.0 @ 480 Mbps (High Speed) USB 2.0 @ 480 Mbps  (High Speed)

    Size (LxWxH) 3.4" x 2.8" x 0.5" 5.0" x 4.25" x 1.40"  
    Materials Extruded Aluminum  

Trigger Specifications:

DV509 / DV518 / DV3500
Trigger Sequencers   Configurable:
1@16 stages, OR 4@4 stages, OR 2@8 stages,
OR 1@8 and 2@4 stages,
OR 1@12 and 1@4 stages

Trigger Match Circuits   8 Universal Match Circuits. Each Circuit can be configured for any of the following:
  • Edge Detect  (Full Channel Width - OR: rising, falling, either)
  • Patterns (Full Channel Width - AND: 0, 1, X)
  • Stable (Full Channel Width)
  • > , >=, <, <=, <>   (Full Channel Width)
Match Duration Yes
- 1 per match circuit
- up to 1M samples each

Trigger Pass Count Yes (up to 1 Million per Sequencer stage)

Trigger Output Sources Seq 1, OR Seq 2, OR Seq 3, OR Seq4

OR (8 input sum-of-8 input products of all 8 match circuits)


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