DigiView™ Logic Analyzer Cable Specifications

DigiView Logic Analyzer Cables

DigiView™ includes High Quality, Connectorized Cables

Probe leads are built with the best materials: ultra-flexible 66 strand wire for ease of use and durability; insulated connectors for side and end stacking on .1 centers while providing stress relief to the wires; fully connectorized for easy replacement or leaving leads attached to a target.

Length 12"
Wire Hi-strand count (> 60), very flexible, color coded.
Connectorized yes, both ends.
DigiView end 2x5, Hi Quality 2x10, Hi Quality 2x5, Hi Quality
Data end Insulated connector, Square.     In-line and Side stackable on .1" centers.     Fits .025 Sq posts and micro-clips.
Field replaceable YES
Channels per Cable Pod 9 18 9
Grounds per Cable 1 2 1
Cables per Unit 1 1 1 2 2 2 4
(suitable for grabbing SM as well as DIP pins. )
10 20 40 40
Replacement Clips (10 per package) CLIP3-10 (x 1) CLIP3-10 (x 2) CLIP3-10 (x 4) CLIP3-10 (x 4)
Replacement Cable(s) CBL-DV10 (x 1) CBL-DV10 (x 2) CBL-DV3 (x 2) CBL-DV10 (x 4)
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