IJNZ        fr,addr9        Increment fr and jump if not zero

Words:        2        Cycles:        2 or 3 (jump)        Affects:        none


Operation:        Fr is incremented. If the result is not 0, a jump to addr9 is executed.


Coding:        INCFSZ        fr,1

       GOTO        addr9



INC        fr        Increment fr

Words:        1        Cycles:        1                Affects:        Z


Operation:        Fr is incremented. Z will be set if the result was 0, otherwise Z will be cleared.


Coding:        INCF                fr,1



INCSZ        fr        Increment fr and skip if zero

Words:        1        Cycles:        1 or 2 (skip)        Affects:        none


Operation:        Fr is incremented. The next instruction word will be skipped if the result was 0.


Coding:        INCFSZ        fr,1


Note:        Only one word is skipped by this instruction. To avoid strange results, make sure that any instruction following INCSZ is a single-word instruction.