EconoROM III Emulator

Development Tools for EPROM & FLASH Emulation

EconoROM is designed for quick, in-circuit firmware test cycles. Our latest version;ER3 will save even more development time by downloading code 5 times faster than the EconoROM II series.

NEW EconoROM III ER3 will speed up your firmware development by eliminating the need to remove-erase-program and re-install EPROMs each time you test a code change. These devices plug into the EPROM socket on your target board and emulate the EPROM throughout the development process.

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We provide software that loads your firmware code into the emulator in a matter of seconds! No more waiting for the eraser or EPROM programmer. No more "debugging" bent pins or bad EPROMs. If you want to stop the "burn/insert/test/remove/erase" cycle, then this is the tool for you.

Features Summary

  • Integrated Low-Voltage Support.
  • Target Voltage Sense & Measurement.
  • External Power Option.
  • Jumper-less Address Configuration.
  • Up to 8Mbit Emulation in a single unit.
  • Faster Downloads (up to 2.5 Mbit per second).
  • Smaller Package Size.
  • Includes QuickLoader Software
  • More Features