Finding the Plug-in Directory

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All of our per-user files are placed under 'My Documents'.  The file system location of 'My Documents' varies under different versions of Windows, but can be accessed by DBL-clicking on the 'My Documents' icon on the desktop or selecting it from the START menu.  The plug-in directory is in located at: <My Documents>\TechTools\DigiView\Plug-ins
NOTE: Do not place anything except your plug-in's executable (and optionally its help file) in the plug-in directory.  EVERYTHING with an executable extension or a file association (except *.rtf files) found in this directory is added to out plug-in list.  We can not determine if it is a plug-in until we try to load it at signal creation time.  For example, a *.doc file is probably associated with WORD.  We would add it to the plug-in list.  If you create a signal using this file, we will attempt to launch the file (which would launch WORD) every time we capture data.  Likewise, your plug-in source would probably launch your compiler.