Debug option

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DigiView includes an Environmental Setting to assist plug-in debugging.  Setting this option causes DigiView to modify its behavior as follows:


Pauses after loading a plug-in

A dialog is presented immediately after loading a plug-in and starting to communicate with it.  At this point, the OnLoad routine is the only user code in the plug-in that has executed.  This pause gives you a chance to attach a debugger and to set breakpoints in your plug-in code.  Once you select 'OK', the plug-in is interrogated, configured and called to parse the existing capture data.

Traps plug-in communication timeouts

All interaction with a plug-in is guarded with a 2 second watchdog timeout.  Normally, if the plug-in does not respond to a command or absorb enough data to allow new commands in that amount of time, an error is generated and the plug-in is unloaded.  When debugging support is enabled, a timeout dialog is presented rather than unloading the plug-in.  If you select 'CONTINUE', the timer is reset and the operation is retried.  This allows you to set breakpoints and single-step your code without DigiView killing your process.  It also means that once you select 'CONTINUE', DigiView will pick up where it left off rather than starting over.