Adding Your Project to the Examples Solution

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1.   Select View->Solution Explorer  (if it is not visible)
2.   Right-click on the first line (Solution 'CPPExamples....)
3.   Select Add New Project
4.   Select Win32 Console Application, enter a project name and press OK
5.   Select NEXT and select Empty Project then finish
6.   Right-click on the resulting project (in solutions explorer)
7.   Select 'Add new item'
8.   Select 'C++ file' and give it a name (same as project OK)
9.   Right-click on the project again and Select 'Add existing item'
10. navigate up 1 directory and select CmdParser.cpp and plug-in.h
11. Copy one of the examples files into your new file to use as a base line.
12. Do a test build and you should have a functional plug-in
13. Modify to suit.