USB Connection

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DV3100, DV3109, DV3200, DV3209, DV3409:

Plug DigiView into a POWERED HUB (one with its own power supply) or directly into a USB port on your PC. You can not use a bus-powered hub; it does not have enough power to operate DigiView.


DV3400, DV3500:

Powered by an external power supply, so USB power is of no concern.





DV3100, DV3109, DV3200, DV3209, DV3400, DV3409, DV3500:

You will experience better performance on a 2.0 port, but a 1.1 port is sufficient.



Connection Quality:


Preferably, use a high-speed USB port located directly on the motherboard at the rear of the computer or a port anywhere on the computer case that utilizes a high quality cable internally. If you use a different USB cable than the one provided with the unit, it should match the full rated speed of the USB connection to prevent communication errors or loss of data.