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We make extensive use of the right mouse button. Most functions have naturally paired operations.  Most paired functions are natural opposites (like left/right, in/out, first/last, previous/next).  We take advantage of this symmetry to double up the functions of most buttons and other clicks.  This not only reduces desktop usage but also results in more natural, easier to remember functions. 


For example, rather than having both a SEARCH LEFT and SEARCH RIGHT button, we have a SEARCH button. Left clicking the button will SEARCH LEFT; right clicking will SEARCH RIGHT.


After only a few minutes of use, this becomes much more natural than using separate buttons.  Switching directions involves pressing different mouse buttons rather than moving the mouse to a new button in the application.  All buttons in the tool bar above the Waveform View are dual-function except the Menu button and Link Group indicator.  Additionally, you will find that left and right clicking in Waveform Views on the " < " and " > " symbols, Marker column and various other areas will perform similarly paired functions.



waveform toolbar2


Tool Bar Detail



Opens the Waveform View menu using either the Left or Right mouse button.


B_search Search

Left Click - Search Left and scroll to previous match using selected Global Search

Right Click - Search Right and scroll to next match using selected Global Search


navigate Previous View / Next View

Left Click - Navigate backward in the waveform view's Scroll & Zoom history. 

Right Click - Navigate forward in the waveform view's Scroll & Zoom history.


B_zmax Zoom In/Out Max

Left Click - Zoom IN ALL the way  (Highest Resolution)

Right Click - Zoom OUT ALL the way (show ALL data)


B_zoom Zoom In/Out

Left Click - Zoom IN one step (more detail, more resolution) (hold to repeat)

       Right Click - Zoom OUT one step (less detail, less resolution) (hold to repeat)


B_beginend Scroll Start/End

Left Click - Scroll to START of capture data

Right Click - Scroll to END of capture data


B_5leftright Scroll by 5

Left Click - Scroll left by 5 divisions (1/2 screen) (hold to repeat)

Right Click - Scroll right by 5 divisions (1/2 screen) (hold to repeat)


B_1leftright Scroll by 1

Left Click - Scroll left by 1 division.  LEFT means to scroll the view window to an earlier point in time. (hold to repeat)

Right Click - Scroll right by 1 division.  Right means to scroll the view window to a later point in time. (hold to repeat)


b-toggleinstant Toggle Instant Measurements

Left Click - Toggle the visibility of Instant Measurements.


linkgroup indicator Link Group Indicator

This indicates which link group the view is assigned to. The primary and secondary Waveform views are permanently assigned to Link Group 1 and 2 respectively. Any additional Waveform Views can be assigned to any link group.


linkgroup indicatorselect A small arrow will be present in the lower right corner of the indicator if assignment is available. Left-Click on this indicator to change the group assignment (see Using Link Groups).