Quick Measurements

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With Quick Measurements you can instantly perform multiple measurements in a waveform by using the Middle Mouse Button. Click the middle button and move the mouse to display measurements from any position (including over markers) to another position. These measurements are unique to the signal type and whether the Signal Definition has plotting enabled. You can also measure the period between two edges across multiple signals.


A simple period measurement is always displayed above the waveform between the two points while performing the Quick Measurement. However, additional measurements will appear in a floating window that hovers near the mouse. To dismiss the Quick Measurement, simply click again using any mouse button or use the ESC Key.


Note: While performing a Quick Measurement, the period measured is automatically used as the time span in Dynamic Measurement windows.


Measure across multiple signals

Quick Measurements will snap to a transition edge (when near) and remember the Signal of the starting and ending measurement point. The measurement is always displayed for the signal currently under the mouse. However, if the starting signal is different than the ending signal, an additional arrow is displayed in the starting signal at the starting point.




In the graphic above, we are measuring the time between the falling edge of ALE and the falling edge of WT. We started the Quick Measurement on ALE so an additional arrow is displayed on the edge we started with. Any measurements displayed in the floating window will be measured from the signal currently under the mouse (WT in the graphic above).


Boolean Example




Example for Signals with Field and Frame data




Example for Signals with Plot Enabled

When a signal is in plotting mode, Quick Measurements will calculate using the Plot data between the two mouse points. If multiple plots are enabled for the signal, Quick Measurements will function on the selected plot. Pressing the Space Bar will toggle the plot selection and refresh the measurements without having to move the mouse.





Additional Features

When capturing new data, Quick  Measurements will try to maintain the measurement even if the edges are on 2 different signals. If a transition is detected at the time of the original edge or within 1/10th of a division in either direction, the Quick Measurement will snap to it and display the new values. Changing the zoom level of the waveform view will change the tolerance of the auto snapping feature (i.e. 1ns tolerance @10 ns/Div, 50ns tolerance @500 ns/Div).



Quick Measurements will snap to the Division Grid tick marks while active in that area and will only display the time between the two points (shown with green arrows at the measured points and the result centered near the top).


Using the CTRL Key will override Signal Edge Snapping and Division Grid Snapping and measuring will begin and/or end at the mouse point instead of a snap point.


(also see Environment Settings: Waveform Views )