Printing Options

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To send the view's image to a printer, select Printer as the Output Type. After selecting this output type, the options in the Print Window will change for printing.






OutPut To

The currently selected printer name or print driver name will be displayed here.



Select the orientation. This is the same setting that can be accessed from the Configure Print Device options.


Configure Print Device

Use this button to access all options of all available print devices.




Select a different printer by using the selection box in this window. Available printers can also be selected in the selection box beside the Configure Print Device button if you do not need to access the printers detailed properties. Select the Properties button to access detailed options of the displayed printer.



Include Comments

Select this option to add comments to the Bottom of the image to be printed. When the Print Window is opened, the capture data and time are automatically added to the comment section. If you do not want to include the capture information, it can be deleted.


The comment box below the image to print will increase in size as you type comments. If the comment needs more room, the size of the image will decrease. The preview in the upper portion of the window will automatically update as you change options or type comments.




Cancel Button

Use this button to close the print window without printing.



Use this button to send the image to the printer.