Navigating and Analyzing the Data

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This is where you spend most of your time; trying to make sense of what you captured.  You will find DigiView software very intuitive and easy to use but it is important to realize that ZOOM operations occur about the CENTER of the screen (the "@" reference).  The tools are all designed to take advantage of this fact to make you more productive.  


The general paradigm is to find points of interest, bring them to the center of the screen and then ZOOM.  We provide several methods of finding edges and bringing them to the center of the screen so that you can zoom in and out without having to constantly scroll to 'zero-in' on the point of interest.


Navigation, Markers & Buttons:

Waveform Views

Toolbar Buttons
Mouse Functions
Signal Snap Column
Marker Snap and Value Column
Bird's-Eye Scrollbar
Marquee Zoom
Using Markers
Key Functions




Instant measurements
Quick measurements
Dynamic Measurement Window
Marker Time/Delta Window


Viewing the Data in Time-Relative Columns (Tabular Views):

Table Windows
List Windows


Linking Views into Time-Relative Groups:

Using Link Groups


Searching the Data:

Search Overview
Define Searches
Search Manager Windows
Search Types