Trigger Match Types

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The DigiView trigger configuration supports multiple types of Match conditions. The DV3 series of DigiView analyzers has a total of 8 configurable match circuits and each can be set to one of 9 different match types. Details of each match type can be found using the links below.





Setting the Match Type

A non-configured or "deleted" match will be identified by a "?" as seen above. To set the match type, simply click on the match (or Right-Click) and select the type from the menu that appears. If the match was configured previously (not cleared) then Right-Click to access this menu.








Editing the Match Condition

When selecting or changing the match type, the editor for the match condition will automatically appear. To edit the condition later, simply Double-Click on the match or Right-Click on the match and choose "Edit" from the menu that appears.





Available Match Types:

Not Equal
Greater Than
Greater Than or Equal
Less Than
Less Than or Equal


(See: Trigger Configuration)