Installing the USB Drivers

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We have 2 versions of the installer; the Current Release and a Legacy Release.  The CURRENT RELEASE supports 32 and 64 bit versions of XP, Vista, Win7 and Win8.1.  The Legacy release supports Win98se, Win98Me and Win2K. It also provides support for Model DV1-100 (discontinued) but does not support our newer models. The Legacy version (5.1) is available from our web site but is no longer updated. 


Our DigiView software and drivers are Authenticode signed.

If Windows reports that the publisher is unknown or that the software is not signed, then the files are corrupt, infected or otherwise modified.  Cancel the  installation, delete the file and download an authentic copy from our web site:  The Authenticode signature is timestamped to ensure the signature remains valid even if our Certificate eventually expires.  In other words, it will not 'time-out.'  You will be able to re-install the software and drivers, even if we go out of business or fail to renew our certificate.


Run the application installer BEFORE plugging in the hardware. It installs the application software and pre-installs the drivers. You can accept the defaults or modify to suite your needs.

Depending on your Windows version and system settings, Windows might ask your permission to install the application and again to install the drivers.


When the installation is complete, plug the DigiView into a high-speed USB port (preferably to a port directly connected to the motherboard at the rear of the computer or a port anywhere on the computer case that utilizes a high quality cable internally). Current versions of Windows will see the hardware and will find the pre-installed drivers automatically.  Older versions will present a Add New Hardware Wizard


Answer as follows for the smoothest installation:


Win 8.1:

No action needed.


Win 7:

No action needed.



No action needed.



Search Windows Update?  : "No,not at this time"   (just saves time)
"Install the software automatically" (the default)



If this is the first driver on your system to use the latest driver framework, Windows will take additional steps to update the system.  Newer frameworks coexist with older frameworks, ensuring that existing drivers continue to operate as before.  Unfortunately, this takes Windows several minutes and requires a system reboot to complete.  Note that this update occurs (if required) when you plug in the DigiView not during our application install.