Hardware Status

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The lower right corner and the upper right corner of the main window display Hardware Status information. This information will keep you informed of the hardware's buffer usage and capture state.



Buffer Usage




The hardware buffer's usage is displayed as a bar graph and numerical percentage indicating the used portion of the buffer. As data is stored in the buffer. the bar and the percentage will increase. When the buffer reaches 100%, the data will be transferred to the PC for analysis.


The buffer may take  mere milliseconds to fill or up to months to fill depending on the signals defined (see: Signals ) and the amount of activity on those signals. If you have configured the buffer's prefill option to 'forced' (no early trigger), the buffer indicators may appear to stall. This is correct behavior when very little or no signal activity is present or when the analyzer is waiting for the trigger condition.


During a "waiting for Trigger" period, the analyzer continues to capture and store the newest data in the prefill portion of the buffer, while discarding the oldest data. Once the trigger event occurs, the buffer will stop discarding the oldest data, keep the newest data (the prefill portion) and continue to capture until the buffer is full (see: Enforce Prefill in Analyzer Options ).


To clear the Analyzer's internal buffer, click anywhere in the Hardware Buffer Usage indicator.



Analyzer State


The upper right corner of the Top Tool Bar will display the current state of the Analyzer using a "light Bulb" symbol and a short text message (next to the run buttons), while the lower right corner will display the state of the hardware as simple LED indicators with a letter abbreviation for a reminder.



Message Example:



The 'Light Bulb" is lit, indicating that a trigger event occurred. The current status is "Post-Filling", indicating that the remainder of the buffer is being filled with post-trigger data.



Indicator Example:



The Status LEDs above indicate that the unit is powered, a trigger event has occurred and the remainder of the buffer is being filled with post-trigger data. Descriptions of each LED are provided below.


P        Powered - The analyzer has been detected and is powered.

H        Halted - The analyzer is 'IDLE' or waiting for a RUN command.


P        Pre Filling - The analyzer is capturing data and filling the 'Pre-Fill' portion of the buffer.

A        Armed - The analyzer is Armed and actively looking for a trigger condition.

T        Triggered - The analyzer detected a trigger event.


P        Post Filling - The remaining portion of the buffer is being filled with post trigger data.

F        Full Buffer - The buffer is full (normally only active for a split second).

X        Transferring - The analyzer is transferring the compressed buffer to the PC (normally only active for a split second).


The typical progression of the status indicators is from left to right.