Dynamic Measurement Window

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feature window button

To open a new Dynamic Measurement Window, use the "Open Feature Window" button and select "Measurements" from the menu. Dynamic Measurement windows can be docked, tabbed with other dockable windows or placed on any monitor (see Window Arrangement).


Dynamic Measurement Windows offer a variety of measurements that can be selected for each type of Signal group. As the mouse moves over the waveform of a signal, the selected measurements for that signal type will recalculate and display in the window.



dynamic measure   dynamic measure1

dynamic measure2   dynamic measure3



The name of the signal being measured.



The measurement group compatible with the signal. The selected measurements of this group will be calculated and displayed in the window. If the signal has plotting enabled, the Plot group of measurements are displayed for the currently active plot. The Plot Series number (S1, S2, S3, S4) will be prepended to the value as a reminder of which Plot Series is active for the signal.



This indicates which Time Span is being used for calculations; Waveform Window or Quick Measurement. By default, the time span of the waveform window that is responding to mouse movements is used. However, while performing a Quick Measurement, this will automatically change to use the Quick Measurement's time span (and recalculate the measurements accordingly). When the Quick Measurement is no longer active (middle mouse button is released) the time span reverts back to the Waveform Window's time span.


Selecting Measurements

Compatible measurements for each signal type are divided into individual selectable groups. You can choose whatever measurements you want to display for that type. Selection is optional, so do not select any if you you do not need a measurement for a particular signal type. The Dynamic Measurement window will only display the measurements you select and those will only display when the mouse is over a compatible signal type.


measurement selection button

Left-Click in the window or Click on the "Select Measurements" button in the toolbar to open the Dynamic Measurement Selections window.


Boolean Measurements

dynamic bool slelect



Bus Measurements

dynamic bus slelect



Decoder/Parsed Measurements

dynamic parsed select



Active Plot Measurements

dynamic plot select



Select or Clear All

The Select All and Clear All buttons will select or clear all items for the current measurement group. For example, if you are editing the selections for the Boolean group, pressing "Clear All" will not clear selections in the other groups.


Toggle Selection

A "selected" pointer will be displayed on the left of any selected item. Click on any item to toggle its selection state. If the item is already selected, a click will clear it.