Creating a New Project

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Steps to create a new project


A. Select the Analyzer Model and Sample Mode.

B. Set the project name and location.

C. Define the Signals and associated channels if needed



To create a new project, open the the Project Selections Window and click on the "New Project" button.



project selections button

The Project Selections Window can be opened at any time using the "Open Project Selections" button from the main tool bar or by selecting Menu-> Project-> Project Selections. It will also open automatically when the software first launches.


For Details see Project Selections.



new project button

Once opened, click on the New Project button to open the Analyzer Selection window.



A. Select the Analyzer Model and Sample Mode

When creating a new project file, you must select the proper analyzer model and preferred sampling mode. For this reason, the software will provide a selection window with information regarding any detected hardware as shown below. Simply select the Model and the Sampling Mode, then click on the "OK" button to create the new project. If you do not want to create a new project, then select cancel to continue with the currently loaded project.






B. Select the Name and Location

After selecting "OK", a system folder window will open for you to enter a new name and location. After making your selections, the project is created and opened.



C. Define the Signals

A new project always adds a default BUS signal with all available channels assigned to it. At this point, you could press the Preview Button and instantly capture data as a single BUS. To see the individual channels of the BUS, expand it by clicking the expand button beside its name in the Waveform Window.


for Details see: Capturing Data and Waveform Views


To select a specific signal type and associate physical channels to a signal, see Defining Signals.



You will want to configure additional features as you capture and analyze the data such as Configuring a Hardware Trigger, Defining a Search or selecting specific measurements.


See Also:  Configuring a Hardware Trigger, Search Features, Selecting Measurements