Buffer Settings

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These settings apply to all current DigiView models (see Analyzer Options for additional hardware settings) .


Analyzer Buffer


Buffer Size - Adjust the amount of capture buffer (1% - 100%) to use in the Hardware.


Prefill - Adjust the amount of buffer to use for data captured before the trigger event. If no trigger event occurs, the analyzer will continuously refresh this portion of the buffer with the most recent data (circular queue). When the trigger event occurs, the remaining portion of the buffer will be filled with post-trigger data. The behavior of the prefill (or pre-trigger) portion of the buffer can be modified by the Enforce Prefill option.


Enforce Prefill - Select this option to force the analyzer to fill the buffer to the Prefill setting before looking for a trigger condition. If you do not need the full prefill amount before the trigger condition occurs, then uncheck this option to allow early detection of the trigger.


Apply - Save the modified settings.


Cancel - Discard any changes and reset to previous values.