Analog Signal Properties

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Use the Analog Signal type to see a group of channels shown as an analog type plot.  For example, you could look at the output of an A/D as a graph rather than numbers in a bus format.


The chosen channels do not have to be consecutive. Any "skipped" channels in this definition will be ignored and the selected channels "packed" to form the bits of a single value. The lowest selected channel will be the least significant bit (LSB). In the graphic below, channel 0 is the LSB and channel 7 is the MSB.






Signal Name

Change the text displayed here to help you identify this signal definition. If the name has already been used, it will automatically be appended with a numerical value in brackets (i.e. [2]). The name displayed here will be used in the Waveform Views, Searches, Tables, Lists, Exports and all menu references.


Disable Signal

Causes this signal to be ignored in future captures and in all current searches and displays windows.


Invert Signal

Causes the channel to be logically inverted before being displayed.


Color Selection & Examples

An example is displayed in the current color scheme, followed by a listing of any items that allow custom colors (i.e. Signal Color, Signal Background). Click on an item in the list to select a new color.


Channel Selection

Selects which physical channels to assign to the signal.  You can select two or more.  They do not have to be contiguous.  The total number of selected channels will become the bus width, regardless of which channels are selected.  The highest numbered channel will be become the MSB and the lowest numbered channel will become the LSB (bit 0).


To select a channel, click on the " - " below the proper color (and channel number) that corresponds to the physical connection of the DigiView Cable (see: Connecting the Data Lines). Channels that are selected for this signal will replace the " - " with a blue "dot" as shown above. Channels that are already defined in other signal definitions will have a darker color around the selection area for the channel.


Reset Colors - This button will reset the colors for this signal so that they will match the currently selected color theme (see: Color Themes).