TOOLS for the PIC16C924

PIC16C924 Support

The following TechTools Products (grouped by major product catagory), offer support for the PIC16C924 PICmicro® MCU.

link QuickWriter™

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 QuickWriter™ MCU Programmer supports 12bit, 14bit and 18(F) series PICmicro® MCU microcontrollers. QuickWriter's Full Featured, easy to use interface is designed to make the job faster and easier for Development Engineers AND every day Production Personnel. QuickWriter includes TDE, a complete Development Environment for the Microchip PICmicro® MCU, our ClearView Assembler (CVASM) and our In-Circuit programming cable (QW-ICSP). 

QuickWriter™ Support

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In-Circuit Programming Support

 Supported by the included ICP Cable (CBL-ICSP).
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CBL-ICSP QuickWriter In-Circuit-Serial-Programming cable $15.00 Add to Cart

link CVASM™

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 TechTools assembler for Microchip's 12 bit and 14 bit PICmicro® MCU accepts our own easy to use 8051-like instructions as well as the original Microchip instruction set. CVASM was included with ClearView™ Mathias, QuickWriter™ and our Parallax programmer upgrade but is now available as a free download. 

CVASM™ Support

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CVASM16 ClearView Assembler $0.00 ----

link PICwriter™

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  Although these MCU Programmers have been discontinued, we still offer several programming adapters designed for PICwriter and the Parallax PIC16CXX-PGM programmers. 

PICwriter™ Support

Parallax 16CXX-PGM Upgrade

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Programmer's on-board Sockets

NOT  Supported by the on-board sockets.