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1617 Burgundy St, Garland, TX

Application Instructions:
  • Click 'Continue' below to fill out the application.

  • The application is on a secure server.

  • Each adult occupant must submit an application (including spouses).

  • The application is 2 pages long. Each page has a 'PRINT' button at the bottom to print the CURRENT page. You will need to print BOTH pages if you want a hard copy of your application.

  • Once the application is submitted, we will review it for completeness and verify the information (including employment, income and previous addresses.) We will contact you if we have any questions. If the application is rejected, we contact you with the reasons. If it is accepted, we will email instructions to you with a link to initiate the background/credit check.

Background/Credit Check:
  • Background and Credit checks are required and only take a few minutes.

  • Old bankruptcy or credit problems do not automatically disqualify you. We are more interested in your recent payment history, income, and debt levels.

  • A non-refundable $30 fee is paid directly to the credit company doing the check (TransUnion). They will request your Social Security number and additional personal information to validate your identity and then request your authorization to run the checks and release the information to us.

  • Each applicant must have their own email account to run the Background/ Credit checks. One of the free ones (from gmail for example) is acceptable.